Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Greetings from Mexico!

Laura and I arrived two weeks ago to sunny, and rainy (depending on the time of day) Guadalajara in order to take a certification class in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It´s hard to believe, but we are already half way done with the course. We are in class from 9 - 3:15 everyday learning teaching and classroom management techniques, acquiring lesson planning skills and receiving instruction and advice on how to start setting up an English language program. After class everyday we practice teach at a neighboring English school. Everyday each trainee is assigned a different class... meaning new students, a new level and new objectives everyday. We make our own lesson plans and are observed by a trainer who then gives us tips on how to improve. I think its safe to say that we both are improving everyday and becoming more comfortable and confident in the classroom! The opportunity for us to be here will definitely serve us and the community of Batahola Norte as we begin making plans for their English program.

During the week, we don´t have too much time to see the city and explore because the course load is so heavy. But, weekends are generally our own to do with what we like! This weekend we visited a part of Guadalajara called Tlaquepaque, known for its artisans and mariachi bands (music typical to Mexico... its a group of musicians... guitarists, violinists, trumpet etc, and generally one singer). We had a fabulous time perusing the artwork and were lucky enough to catch a mariachi performance over a tall glass of ice tea. On Sunday I went rock climbing for the 1st time, with some new friends. Although I´m a bit terrified of heights and don't have much upper body strength, I gave it a go! I didn't get too high, but I did have a lot of fun and gave it my best shot (I have very sore arms to prove it).
Needless to say, our first weeks of this journey have been full and fruitful. We are sending much love to all of you - family and friends - and a big thank you to everyone who has and is making this possible. We are keeping you in our hearts, and in our prayers, too.
Much love,

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Anonymous said...

Hi C & L,

Just caught your blog on Uncle V's piwiki. So glad the first week is going well. Greetings to the Batahola community. BHR