Monday, October 25, 2010

English Essays

Last week our English students handed in their Level 4 essays, and I was impressed with the thoughtful organization of their essays’ structures and the powerful themes they chose to write about. One of the topic choices for the assignment was “Life Changes,” as we had recently been learning grammar for before-and-after situations. Here is an example of an essay, unedited, written by one of our older female students:

About three years ago my life changed dramaticaly. I used to live with my husband and didn’t ever let me go anywhere. I didn’t talk with anyone because he didn’t want me to, but I decided to separate from him. But it hasn’t been because he didn’t want to separate from me.

Finally, he left my house. I have always had problems with him, but they’re less than before. Now I live better than before because I feel quiet and less stressed, and my health is better. Now during the day I can work in my house, I can go everywhere, I can study English or do other things.

I really feel better because before I always had been shut in my house. I never talked with anyone, I never visited my family, I never had any activities like go to a party and go to my hairstilist or visit my friends. I lived like a slave, but finally I am really happy because feel really free.

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