Thursday, February 10, 2011

English Class Profile

Our new English group has just finished their second week of class. Their energy and attention has been incredible, as well as their punctuality and willingness to work together. So far so good! Here are some numbers based on interviews we did with each of them:

27 students, ranging in age from 14-53
18 women
9 men

12 parents
1 married couple
2 single mothers

2 high school students
8 university students (studying law, languages, journalism, electric engineering, graphic design, applied economics, and special education)
1 technical education students (studying to be a bilingual secretary)

1 architect
1 actress
1 karate student
1 bartender
4 volunteering or working for an NGO or community-based organization
1 dance teacher

5 looking for work
4 women who work in the home
6 working for themselves in a small business
7 with jobs in the formal labor sector
22 who want to learn English to get a better job

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